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Keynote Addresses, Presentations and Remarks

Mayor Naheed Nenshi – Mentor City: Strengthening Our Cities

The City of Calgary has experienced a rapid growth in the number of skilled immigrants who have made the their new home. In this speech, Mayor Nenshi highlighted the important contributions immigrants made to the City’s economic and social success. He also discussed the importance of mentoring as an effective tool to assist skilled immigrants in finding employment by providing a story of a mentoring relationship he was personally involved in.

Mentoring Panel: Global Crossings: The Mentoring Route

Mentoring is an exciting journey of mutual enrichment and self-discovery. While the goal of the mentoring relationship is to support the mentee in finding suitable employment, ultimately, it strengthens the fabric of Canadian society by connecting people with one another.
In this session, mentors and mentees  share their mentoring journey.

Reflections from the Field: How We Made Mentoring Work for Us

Teri Currie, TD Bank Group

Teri Currie, Group Head, Marketing, Corporate and People Strategies of the TD Bank Group, provided insights on how the company gained from from being mentors and how mentoring provided access to new talent.

Following Teri’s presentation a panel of national employers provided insight into how mentoring skilled immigrants had worked for their companies. The speakers explore what employees gain from being mentors, how mentoring fits into a corporate learning and development strategy, how mentoring provides access to new talent and reasons why organizations take mentoring from one city to another.

Employer Panel

Peter Paul and Valeisha Sobhee, Maytree – A Tale of Many Cities: ALLIES National Mentoring Initiative

In this presentation, Peter Paul, ALLIES Project Leader and Valeisha Sobhee, Coordinator of Programs provided a historical overview of the evolution of the National Mentoring Initiative. As well, they discussed how the project is expanding to other Canadian cities and seeking new employers to provide mentors in multiple cities across Canada.

Naomi Alboim – What Does the Future Hold? Recent Changes in Canadian Immigration

Immigration policy in Canada is complex and is driven by both federal and provincial interests. Naomi Alboim, a leading expert in the field, shed light on current trends in Canadian immigration, shared insights on foreign qualification recognition, and suggested potential new directions for mentoring.

Alan Broadbent & Tim Brodhead: Tools for Building Effective Collaborations

Alan Broadbent and Tim Brodhead, two of Canada’s leading philanthropists, have many years of experience in bringing together various stakeholders, creating unlikely synergies, and building lasting partnerships.  During this discussion they share their insights on the benefits of scaling up programs to have greater impact, and pointed out the possible perils we should avoid in order to build successful collaborations.  Their conversation was moderated by Stephen Huddart, current President and CEO of The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation.

Mike Lipkin- Forging Ahead: How To Inspire Others on the Cusp Of Change

Mike Lipkin challenges the 2011 ALLIES Mentoring Conference audience to realize their potential by motivating them to continue to make a difference in the lives of skilled immigrants. He reinforces the power to transform knowledge into action in practical and exciting ways and provides an energetic and uplifting finale to the conference.

Issue Roundtables

On day one of the ALLIES conference (May 5, 2011), participants spent the afternoon in roundtable discussions on particular issues related to mentoring programs for skilled immigrant professionals.

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Participants visited various displays/booths to learn more about innovative mentoring/networking programs, tools and ideas

  • Mentoring for entrepreneurs
  • The Mentoring Partnership handbook
  • The Connector program
  • Speed networking
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • E-mentoring
  • Mentoring technology
  • Group mentoring
  • Mentor recruitment
  • Federal Internship for Newcomers Program

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Media Coverage

Highlighting the importance of mentoring skilled immigrants

On May 5, 2011, Rajeev Dhir from the OMNI Alberta South Asian News Edition, reported about the mentoring conference.

Calgary Herald – Mentors help immigrants find success in Canada

SmartCity Blog – Halifax benefits from mentoring conference

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